Where to cross-post blog entries?
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Other than Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook what are good places to cross-post or link to new blog entries, particularly essays on humanistic topics like philosophy, literature, and so on?
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Honestly, most subreddits are going to be a terrible place for doing this. Most have rules against self-promotion or just linking to new blog posts without a good reason for doing so.
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Medium is a good place for cross-posting on topics like that.
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If you can figure out how to make interesting, pinnable images, Pinterest, when done right, is the most likely to bring in new traffic. The topics you mention make me think that perhaps a question or quote, something that connects into the post, over a graphic, might work well for you.

Other most common options are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and the "sharing" sites, like stumbleupon and etc.

Most effective seems to be make sure that you blogs allow a wide variety of sharing options - preferably in one plugin, not a dozen different confusing ones - but focus your active promotion in just one or a few areas (that you enjoy interacting on) rather than spread yourself too thin.

Seek others who are writing on similar topics, make connections, cross promote and guest blog - but don't be a know-it-all or an annoying pest.
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