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I am envisioning software that is like 2D+time animation-layout software, for placing audio sources onto a flat plane / stage, and editing them over time to slowly move around on that stage, instead of wrestling with the less-intuitive Left-Surround Right-Surround Center-Channel fader levels in ProTools HD/TDM. Does anyone on MetaFilter know of such a software tool?

I just imagine being able to place "Lead Vocalist" in the center of a square, "Backup Vocalists" behind them, "Guitar" off to the left, "Bass" over on the right, etcetera, and then animating them to slowly move around over time, in some kind of software that is more like 2D animation, and less like adjusting a large number of volume sliders. Any ideas or sugetions?
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Hopefully you'll get good advice here, but you could also maybe link it to MeFi Music Talk as well.
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If I understand the question correctly, Audiomulch does this fairly intuitively.
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Does ProTools not record automation? Or are you asking about moving all sound sources around the field at the same time? (Which, I agree, would be a massive headache to do one by one). I'm wondering whether this might come close to what you're aiming for?
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Best answer: Oh! Spanner might fit the bill.
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If I'm not mistaken, in Pro Tools you should be able to open up a surround panner which visualizes the acoustic space. Click the fader icon (next to track output in the edit window). From there you can click and drag the ball to move the sound around. This can be recorded as automation to be played back.
Screenshot from an older PT verision:
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