"Kenneth, what is the frequency?"
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I'm trying to find any game, or mini-game, that involves trying to match/hit the correct frequency and wavelength. Naturally my mind decides to blank on this. Can you help?
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Lots of "hacking" mini-games in AAA titles use this trope. "Batman: Arkham Asylum" & sequels for a start.
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*Any* mini-game? Because Star Trek Online has just such a minigame, used to acquire crafting materials (specifically stuff like radioactive samples). You use the up/down/left/right arrows to try to match the frequency and wavelength within a few seconds.
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Waveform is pretty much that. There's a lot of added complexity, but the only controls are changing frequency and wavelength.
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Almost all of the Myst games had at least one "match the notes/tones" type puzzles, where you had to re-create tones you heard elsewhere. I've also played quite a few online room-escape games that had tone-matching puzzles. I find such puzzles really aggravating and I usually bail-out from such games because I have a very poor ability to audibly match tones or musical notes.
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This is basically how the singing track on Rock Band works. It's not checking that you match the actual words, just the correct tempo and pitch.
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Surfing. Getting the surfer's wave in tune with the ocean.
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Frequon Invaders is this. In order to kill aliens (dots) who are attacking in frequency-space (Fourier Domain), you move the mouse through polar coordinates to create a frequency that cancels out the attacking dot.

Harder to explain than to play, but fun. Basically dots are moving from the edge of the screen to the center, and there's a spot somewhere on the screen which is the right distance and angle from the center to kill that dot. The screen displays the interference pattern between your mouse pointer's frequency (as it were) and the attacker's. Hmm, yeah, that's not much better. Try it, and you'll get it in no time. If it feels right but it's not working, move to a spot on the opposite side of the center of the screen.
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Stratolith isn't out yet, but matching frequency and wavelength appears to be the main aspect of gameplay.
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