Education book involving a classroom 'simulating' a computer program
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My mother was a secondary school teacher, and roughly 15-20 years ago I was reading a book of hers that involved a classroom game or experiment or lesson where each child in the class followed a set of individual instructions, passing information around to other kids and making decisions and so on. The net result of all of this was that the whole classroom would end up effectively running a program to play a game - I *think* it was noughts and crosses, but it was a reasonably complex program with maybe 20 separate sets of instructions for different people.

I'd love to find out what this was, my memories of it are very fuzzy now. I don't think the book was directly related to computer programming. It may have been related to the Future Problem Solving program as a lot of the material of hers I was reading was related to that.
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Your general description of the book and activity sounds like CS Unplugged (you can download the whole book there), though that is definitely about programming.
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