songs like this, please!
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Please recommend me some songs that sound like Work Song by Hozier, Retrograde by James Blake, and Fame as covered by Mefi's own chocoat.

I have problems figuring out whether note A is higher pitched than note B, so I have no ability to put it into reasonable musical terms.

But in my head, the songs are similar. So dirge-like and sad, but kinda defiant? And maybe spare? I have no idea, but more angry and less pretty than the Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah.
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Hozier's cover of the Arctic Monkeys was awesome in the same way as these songs.
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Putting the Dog to Sleep by The Antlers has some of that slow jam sad and defiant thing going.
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I Am Stretched On Your Grave - Kate Rusby

Poem to the Gael

You could try creating a Pandora station using those songs. I've got a station based on Poem to the Gael which yields a fair amount of dirge-like songs, as does my Pandora "Hozier" station.
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