what personal transportation device did i see someone riding?
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i was riding the m15 bus up 1st avenue last week when i caught a glimpse of someone riding on what looked like a platform with a wheel underneath it. just one wheel, no handle bar or anything.

it's hard to describe, since i only saw it in passing. many of the passengers on the bus did double takes, so i know i'm not the only one who noticed. i've never seen one before in nyc maybe it steers like a segway? just curious what it was, or maybe i'm going crazy and it was a regular old razor!
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Best answer: Maybe an airwheel or solowheel?
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Was it a Solowheel?
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Best answer: I saw one in the San Francisco North Bay the other day. A Google suggests it's an Airwheel.

Other Google search term is "BC Wheel", after the comic strip "B.C." which had a character that rode one.
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Best answer: Most likely an Airwheel. I tried one and it's harder than it looks!
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Response by poster: yes solo wheel/air wheel! not a unicycle, no petals. thanks for your quick responses. my husband thought I was nuts when I tried to explain it to him. (also now I want one!)
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Thanks, I was going to post this question myself after seeing one the other day!
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