SPSS in Windows 7
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I have an old version of SPSS from 1995 on floppy disc. I love it because it's so much better than the free stuff like SalStat and others. How to I make it run in Windows 7 Professional? I keep getting a message that b/c Win7 is 64 bit, it won't. But I have compatibility mode for Win XP where it did run before I upgraded to a new PC. Is there anything I can do?
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Windows 7 XP Mode is probably the most straightforward way. You are just running XP inside 7, so everything that works on XP should (in theory) work happily.
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install windows 98 in virtualbox or vmware.

just trust me.

your time is not worthless, and you only get so much of it. this is a black hole. the windows 98 method will work in like an hour(and various torrent sites of questionable legality have prebuilt images for win98 if you don't want to sit through the install).

i've had really mixed experiences with running this kind of stuff on even XP, since XP isn't real old school pre-NT windows. Just run win98 in a virtual machine.
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Seconding Virtualbox install of Win98. Emulation is gonna be your best bet.
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Yep, Virtualbox. I was amazed at how easy it was to use.
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You could also learn R, which is powerful, free, and state of the art.
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The version of SPSS you have is actually a 16bit version for windows 3.1 - you can't run 16bit applications on 64bit windows at all (it's a hardware limitation). The virtualbox answer will work. but your other option is to get hold of a slightly newer version of SPSS that will work - anything from around 1997 or later will be fine.
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(from my googling, it looks like 8.0 is the earliest that will possibly run - although finding details on 7 is hard, I suspect given the dates you have v6.5?)
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