Help needed picking the CD version to import - choices are in Japanese
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I just received a CD of songs based on the Yotsuba& manga. When I go to import it into iTunes, I'm given two choices, and since I can't read Japanese, I'm not sure which to choose.

This is an album on Imgur with the pop-up from iTunes, and pictures of the cover of the CD and a fold-over that came with it. If anyone can help me figure out which one I need to import, I would be grateful.
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The second one is more faithful to the actual text on the label. That's the one I would use.
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You're just importing something you own into iTunes. If you get it wrong, can't you delete the songs and re-import with the other choice? If so, I'd go with the second one, because it contains more of the text that's on the CD cover.
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I know zero Japanese, but just to clarify: you are importing the same audio regardless of which one you pick. Those choices are just the title and track listing in the online database that (should) correspond to the CD you are importing. You can import, then rename everything if you want; it doesn't have any effect on the tracks themselves.
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The first one matches what has listed as the album title.
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I've found the various cddb things to be wildly variant regarding artist names, album names and track titles and I generally import them as Unknown Artist/Unknown Track 01 and then tag them myself using what Amazon or CDJapan has.

Also I want that CD.
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I'm aware that I can delete it, and that it's the same files no matter which option I choose. I just wanted to know which of the two choices was the correct one.

Thanks homodachi for pointing me to the link. Gev, I'll look for the songs online and add the track names manually, since those are in Japanese also. The CD is fantastic, and I'm looking for the second one too.
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Oh, and my wife (who lurks here and knows my username) was browsing AskMe this afternoon at work and said "...hey, that's a question about that manga my husband likes. I'll send him this link... oh, wait... "
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The first one says " 'yotsubato!' Image Album 'Yotsubato (music note)' kuricorder pops orchestra"

The second one says "Yotsubato! Yotsubato(music note) 'tanoshii ichinichi no tame no kawaii koukyoukyoku' (which means something like cute orchestra for the sake of one fun day) - kuricorder pops orchestra"

I assume the "Image Album" part is relevant, I assume you don't want that - unless there is some way the Japanese use the phrase"image album" in a different way, it is spelled in katakana which means it's a transliteration of English, not sure if they are using it in the same way we would.
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"Image Album" is part of the name listed by Amazon US, so that helps narrow it down. Thanks.
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