More surrealist/absurdist sports commentary?
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Does anyone know of places on the internet that publish more surrealist/absurdist sports commentary like that found in Reggie Watts and Peter Serafinowicz's coverage of the most recent world cup?

I loved their commentary and thought it was hilarious. Are there any similar things out there?
I'm looking for either audio or video material that's about sports (or something else commentated in real time) that has a comedic slant.

... some sort of a goal hole!
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Alan Partridge's "Sports Desk."
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I think you want real commentary, and I'm not sure I can find it, but a couple of months ago on Radio 4 Extra I heard a British comedy bit that cracked me up. It was a fake horse-race commentary, where all the horses were named things like "Two Furlongs" and "At the Wire" and "On the Inside" and "By a Head" and "Out in Front." Perhaps your googling is better than mine.

Then there's this bit of real horse-race commentary.
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Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

Right you are, Kenny...
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Randy and Jason Sklar used to host "Cheap Seats" on ESPN Classic. Not on the air anymore though, and I didn't see an obvious (official) place to watch whole episodes online.
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This sports commentary in English from a Dutch comedy show.
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The Guardian's increasingly deranged liveblog coverage [part 2] of the longest professional tennis match of all time (previously)
4.05pm: The Isner-Mahut battle is a bizarre mix of the gripping and the deadly dull. It's tennis's equivalent of Waiting For Godot, in which two lowly journeymen comedians are forced to remain on an outside court until hell freezes over and the sun falls from the sky. Isner and Mahut are dying a thousand deaths out there on Court 18 and yet nobody cares, because they're watching the football. So the players stand out on their baseline and belt aces past each-other in a fifth set that has already crawled past two hours. They are now tied at 18-games apiece.

On and on they go. Soon they will sprout beards and their hair will grow down their backs, and their tennis whites will yellow and then rot off their bodies. And still they will stand out there on Court 18, belting aces and listening as the umpire calls the score. Finally, I suppose, one of them will die.
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