I sing the song of good grammar
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Clearly Weird Al's "Word Crimes" is the ne plus ultra of songs about proper word usage. But that can't be the only one! Can you suggest other songs about grammar, syntax, etc? (Note: Ironic by Alanis Morrisette does not fit the bill, as it is neither an accurate definition of ironic nor a good song.)
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Schoolhouse Rock's Grammar Rock songs.
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I Love You Period - Dan Baird
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Lots of songs from Electric Company, including "LY" by Tom Lehrer.
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MC Frontalot - Tongue Clicking Grammarian
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On my phone, so can't link easily. But in a parody vein: Lonely Island - Semicolon
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There is Oxford Comma (although they're wrong; EVERYONE should use Oxford commas).
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There's TMBG's I Palindrome I which contains several palindromes in the lyrics (as well as the title)
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The Doubleclicks do a good cover of the LY song mentioned above. Here's a playlist of the Schoolhouse Rock grammar videos.
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If you want palindromes, Weird Al's "Bob".
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Fifty Pounds, by Eddie From Ohio.
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This isn't exactly what you're asking for, but I love Daniel Wilson's Proofread.
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{Not a song at all, but ZOMFG, Bob the Angry Flower's Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots will forever have my heart.}
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It's Finally Ironic
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PopCanon's "Things About Which".
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