recommend your best fitness / weight loss related podcasts
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I'm trying to keep my momentum going regarding new year resolutions and eating better/moving more in an effort to lose a significant chunk of weight. Recommend me your favourite podcasts on the topic, please.

Do you have recommendations for inspiring, motivating, informative or entertaining podcasts on the topic? Mostly the food side i guess, as i think it can be quite abstract for me to listen to exercise advice ( as opposed to watching the exercises being done). Podcasts on the theory/"why it works" side of fitness though are welcome.
The topic of emotional and binge eating are also interesting to me. In the past i've listened to Jillian Michaels' podcast and enjoyed it, but it turned more into a lifestyle blog after a while and not so much focussed on the fitness aspect only and i stopped listening.

I'm a woman in my 30's, if it narrows down your suggestions.

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Half Size Me is interesting. It covers peopke who've lost significant amounts of weight in all sorts of different ways - whatever worked for them. There's none of that "if you aren't doing x,y,z you're never going to be successful" garbage.
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Best answer: Leigh mf'in Peele has this on lock. She's not incredibly smooth in her delivery but the woman is fantastic and she's got the science behind her. I've checked in with a number of my friends who are in the fitness industry and they agree.
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