Watch SpaceX launch with explanations
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I'm watching the live SpaceX launch right now, and I don't know what any of these things mean or what is happening. Is there a live tweet, video, or other stream that explains everything they say?
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You watch tomorrow on They have a scrolling feed with commentary on what's happening. Still plenty of jargon - but you have 24 hours to study given today's scrub.
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It's tomorrow at 6:07 PM Eastern, right?
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Today's launch was scrubbed. They're going to try again Monday.
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These guys have been liveblogging, and they'll do so tomorrow too.
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Thanks. I'm excited about tomorrow.
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It's now delayed to Tuesday, since the forecast for Monday was so rotten.

If you really want to dive deep in this stuff, read the threads in's forums (in that link, scroll down past the "L2" section, which requires paid membership). There's plenty to read in the free, public sections. For example, relevant to this launch:

countdown / launch updates only (no explanations or discussion allowed)

discussion, often freewheeling and baffling

basic SpaceX Q+A, where others have asked questions

Read, read, read, and only AFTER reading, post a question.

I listened in on the countdown today while doing yardwork (cellphone in pocket, on speakerphone, called into KSC's secret NASA-TV audio phone lines). SpaceX rarely gets off the pad on the first try (sometime their fault, sometimes not). I'm looking forward to reviewing NASA's and SpaceX's coverage tomorrow. NASA started their coverage at 3:30pm on Sunday -- nearly 3 hours of coverage! They had lots of interviews and videos to show.
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Okay, overmorrow.

I might spend the next two days reading fora. Oh dear.
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