More workouts set to music routines?
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I really liked this crossfit squats-set-to-Moby challenge, where can I find more like it?

I really like the simplicity of the challenge, the novelty of the idea, and the sense of achievement on completing it.

I found this Self article which is OK but these get a bit more complex then the original.

Also I am struggling with how to search for what this exactly is (music work out? fitness music challenge?) as every search just comes up with songs that are good form exercise, which is not what I need.

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Bodypump is basically an hour of exactly that, if you are ok with a group class. You definitely need to knock your weight down for the first class! There's always one new guy who insists on starting off with 40kg on their bar because they can squat 80 on the machines - they are usually dying 30 seconds in, it's not comparable at all.

If you don't want a formal class, I expect there are Bodypump copycats somewhere on the interweb if you use that as a search term.
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Another one you can do is set to Roxanne. My gym used to do it as a warm up. Every time "Roxanne" is said, do a burpee.

I'd imagine it'd scale up really easily to something much harder.
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