What do you do with those nice little drawstring gift bags?
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My dad got me a little Ganesh statue that came in a lovely drawstring gift bag. Does anyone have any creative ideas for what I could use this bag and similar bags for, other than using them to give other people gifts?
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Put lavender (or something that smells good to you) in it and use it as a sachet for drawers or cupboards.
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I keep them for gift giving. They're handy for things that don't come in a box or are hard to wrap.
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I use them to keep large necklaces from getting tangled with each other in my jewelry boxes, super handy now large dramatic necklaces are "in". Makes it feel a bit fancy when I pull them out to use too.
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Probably a somewhat niche use, but I bought a stack of these for my Girl Scout troop. When they earn badges I stick them in pretty little bags to pass them out.
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Best answer: I keep my ear buds in a small one to keep them from getting tangled in my bag... I bet there are other small daily items that could be organized that way.
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Best answer: We had one of these floating around and my three year old (who enjoys putting things in other things) put the small pieces from a board game in it. It's very handy and nicer to open and close than the game's original ziploc bags.
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Best answer: Start playing a tabletop roleplaying game, so that you find yourself in need of a pretty dice bag.
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I recommend using it as a dice bag, too, or give it to a gamer friend.
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I keep gold coins in mine.
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I keep my bike lights in one of these things when the bike is parked outside, and a power cell and spare charging cable for my phone in another one.
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If it's large enough, you can put one of those square boxes of tissues in it and snug the drawstring up to the opening in the top.
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I carry a beautiful shawl folded up in one of these. The bag protects the shawl inside my purse, in case I ever need to keep warm.
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I repurpose them as packaging for things I sell on Etsy, eBay, etc.
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My mum uses these bags to cover ripening fruits on her pear trees! This stops the local parrots taking a bite out of every available fruit, and they're safer than netting, which birds can get tangled in.
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I use a small one as a coin purse.
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Not the fanciest use, but as a dog owner I use the really small ones (like you see filled with Jordan almonds) to hold a few poop scooping bags. Makes them easy to find in my pockets and also protects them from getting poked full of holes.
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Response by poster: Already started using the one in the photo as an earbud bag, and as a gamer I love the board game/tabletop related suggestions too. Thanks all!
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I use one for my earbuds, another for jewelry when I travel and then another to keep a few tea bags in my desk drawer at work.
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