How should I present this gift?
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I need a pretty package.

I am giving my friend an antique brush that is 10 inches long and 1 inch wide. I want to put it in something pretty. My ideal scenario is a slim wooden box. I have also considered a velvet or silk pouch.

My question, in three parts:
-Do you have a better idea of something pretty to put it in?
-Where can I find a pretty thing like one of the above?
-Any search term suggestions that could get me something with the right dimensions?

I have two weeks to procure this item. I'm in Atlanta, GA but vastly prefer shopping online. I don't want to spend a lot of money on this part but I might if it was truly special.

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Best answer: Lovely brush. A (cylindrical) knitting needle case? Etsy,, eBay,
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What about a decorative wine box? Googling turned up a bunch of nice wooden ones, and I'm sure you find some on etsy, even personalized. Cushion the brush in the box with either some artistically-crumpled tissue paper, or maybe a pretty lightweight scarf?
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puzzle box
puzzle box
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I have been waiting for this recommendation:

Sarah's Hat Boxes

Have them make you a customized box. Post a link to the pic in this thread if you go with it.
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Best answer: Maybe a florist's box meant for a single rose?
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Print out a beautiful painting and wrap it in that piece of paper?
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Best answer: Gift stores have decorative wine wrapping. Or go to a liquor store and see if they have an nifty boxes from wine or liquor.
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Response by poster: In case anyone's interested: I found a little wooden box/tray set at IKEA and painted one of the parts. Final result.
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