Help me find Picard's travel bag from Star Trek: TNG
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I'd love to find a bag similar to the one used by Picard and Starfleet officers for my boyfriend for Christmas. Image inside, with more details...

The bag looks like this. It doesn't have to be gray/silver, but I'd like the same basic size and shape, with a long shoulder strap. In the show, the bags look as though they have hard sides, but I'd actually prefer to find one made of cloth or leather which will hold the cylindrical shape but doesn't necessarily have hard sides. Price limit is about $100. Thank you!
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Something like a barrel gym bag?
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Although it might be harder to find one as small as the ones pictured.
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There's the tube bag that comes with a long sling strap; I use it for keeping sports gear dry. Probably the 12 liter matches the capacity of what's shown. Some brands are available in Silver or Black (not sport-looking colors).

This is larger, but more 'tubular on the seam" than on the top.

The material is stiff and water resistant; depending on the contents mostly holds shape. We stuff stuff in the tube bag and close it and it's roundish. When open and empty it's flat. I expect similar functionality but more empty round shape from the barrel bag when closed.
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It seems like the prop bags used in the show didn't open, so it might be tough to find something exactly the same.
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I've always wondered how Picard fit ANYTHING into that little bag. Is it bigger on the inside? There's barely enough room for a change of shoes.

Then again...the silver shortie shorts on Risa... maybe he didn't need that much space.

Anyway, maybe this would work?
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Thanks so much for the answers so far! I know I said same size, but I guess I actually meant a bit bigger - because yeah, those bags look tiiiny.

@muddgirl, those keywords are super helpful, thanks!
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Maybe look through the Christie's 40 Years of Star Trek auction results and see if you could find more details about the prop bag?
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This is KIND of like it... and might be useful.
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