Have you seen video of Romney saying he'll fight poverty?
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Apparently Mitt Romney's sounding out running again in 2016, and he's testing a platform where he says he'll address poverty and income equality. I can find lots of text, and other video from the Republican event, but I can't find remarks on poverty in particular caught on video. Does anyone have a go-to repository for finding political/news video like this?

I have a very simple memetic thing I want to do with this.
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Best answer: Could this be it? Haven't watched it but based on news reports it seems to be filmed at the same time/place he supposedly made the remarks.
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Yes, it looks like it... the transcript is also on the same page.
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Response by poster: Ahh thanks, gang -- sorry I was being so thick, I think I was convinced not to look further down the C-SPAN rabbit hole when it looked like their YouTube version of that event had been taken down. Herp derp.
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Response by poster: Annnnd here's the end result! [slyt]
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