Last minute plea: Where to buy men's cargo pants in SF?
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Where should I shop (with reluctant fitting model in tow) for casual, affordable men's cargo pants in SF?

Taking the SO shopping today in SF for much-needed pants that aren't literally falling off. His current everyday wardrobe consists entirely of loose-fitting cargo pants; size is probably a 30x34, or 31x33 if that exists. (Think: 6'3" skinny dude, wears pants on his hips with a belt but ideally they would stay on without one.) He's open to trying other equally comfortable pant styles, although skeptical of jeans and pretty careless about clothing care.

I consider myself an amateur expert on women's shopping, but I have no idea where to start for men's clothes--especially since his style is way more casual and his "reasonable price" budget significantly smaller than mine. We will be in SF today; where should we shop for 2-3 hours? We're driving so my preference is someplace like Stonestown Galleria with free parking, but if the downtown area is better we can head there instead.
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Stonestown is fine. Macy's is having a sale and they'll also have a 20% off coupon on the site. Go there. Rifle through the clearance racks in the Big and Tall section.

Another option is Wal-Mart. They have khakis in myriad sizes for like $15 apiece. Target also has a lot of slim cut pants.

So Stonestown, and if no luck at Macy's there, go to Colma to Target.
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Old Navy has your SO size, but not much style to them and not in Stonestown. There's one on 4th & Market if not closer. Unlikely other places have that size off the rack.
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Best answer: Do you have an Eddie Bauer outlet store by chance? My BF bought a few pair from there and I don't remember them being too expensive.
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Uniqlo? Check their website first?
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Best answer: I wear pants with cargo pockets quite frequently. I am dubious about 30x34 being his size. I'm 5'10" and I wear a 34 inseam. 32s are frequently high waters for me. Your SO is 5 inches taller than me. I imagine a 33 inseam would fit him like capris.

I buy most of my clothes at REI. I spend a little more than I would at Target or somewhere like that, but they look good, last forever, and are not "brandy" (you know, big mall brand labels plastered everywhere). Most of them are technical fabric and not denim, have a lot of freedom of movement, aren't too crazy-looking, and are very well made. Many of the brands are popular outdoor brands (think Prana, Columbia, the North Face vs A&F, Hollister, Levis). Usually, there's a clearance rack with some really good steals there, especially for unusually sized people (I usually have a less easy time, because most men near San Francisco seem to be just about the same size as me).

If you're driving, the REI on Brannan Street has a parking lot. If you don't find one there, there's another location across the Bay Bridge in Berkeley and a flagship store down the 101 in San Carlos.

My SO likes to nudge me toward Banana Republic, the Gap, and Old Navy, but I don't usually find things there that fit either my body or my taste. But, I've found a few things there I wear occasionally. There are a bunch of shops like that downtown in San Francisco on or near Market Street at 4th. Driving? Park at the big parking structure at 4th & Mission and get around on foot. Easy peasy.

Good luck.
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Best answer: I'm not sure they have a store in your area, but my new favorite cargo pants are
LL Bean Alagash Cargo Pants
I like the fit, style, and they seem to be well made. No stores in CA but I usually buy online anyway.
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Oh yeah! My brother is 6'4" and 0% body fat and he shops at REI too. I've shopped off their sales/clearance racks and their stuff lasts forever, even under heavy abuse! There ought to be an REI outlet somewhere in the bay area.
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Uniqlo doesn't appear to make their cargo pants any more, which is a shame because some of their cargo pants approached non-ugly.

Uniqlo is a Japanese company, which means a lot of their stuff fits skinny dudes properly. There is a store at the "Stonestown Galleria".

If he likes comfy, get him something with a bit of stretch. Uniqlo makes men's jeggings, aka 'stretch jeans':
They're pretty durn comfy. You can also rock climb and do yoga and stuff in them, which I assume is a priority since you live in San Francisco.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the great ideas! He ended up buying regular-fit jeans and chinos from Uniqlo both in size 31x34, which fits really well (I guess his height is mostly torso?). But cargo pants are still needed at a future date, so I'll be referring back to this guide soon!
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I always get Wrangler cargo pants at my local Target for about $20 a pop, so you might check there.
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