Need suggestions for a sweater so my very fussy dog can pee in comfort.
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Can anyone recommend some small greyhound/whippet shaped dog sweaters without straps or velcro? snowflake details follow. Dimensions are 17" long 20" around chest & 15-16" around the stomach area. I am willing to pay for quality that will work.

My Rat Terrier is feeling the cold. He unfortunately doesn't like any of the coats I have bought him and the problem seems to be his unusual shape & his dislike of straps hitting him in his junk. He has a build similar to a small greyhound and all that happens is his shape makes the straps slide & down, brush against his penis and he freezes absolutely panic stricken and then will spend ages trying to work his way out of the straps, he has mastered opening anything with velcro on so removing stomach straps just means he gets out of the coat quicker.

I am now looking at getting some sort of fleece sweater for him on the off chance the lack of straps & soft material will help. Anything I've tried though that will fit him around his deep chest, flaps loose and hangs too low causing issues again with his junk and the "bad touching".

I know I could just let him go coatless, but he won't pee if he's cold, and will actually get so cold if we let him go out without a coat he can't move for shaking. His previous owners house trained him so well we can't get him to use pads, and peeing inside seems to stress him more than a coat does as he runs & hides if he has an accident, so we are running out of choices.

He gets plenty of blankets to snuggle under and love sitting in front of the heat vent but a something he could wear inside as well as out would be nice.

Oh had the vet check him out & there is no medical reason for him not liking the straps touching him.
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Best answer: Just get one custom-made to your specifications. This should be an easy task for somebody on Etsy that makes dog coats.. I've made one for my dog that would meet your needs and it was only a few hour project.
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Best answer: Would something like the K9 Voyager Tummy Warmer work? It uses velcro but it's a very thick strap. They have several different shapes for different breeds, plus custom sizing if the rat terrier or whippet sizes won't work. K9 Voyager coats are a bit on the expensive side but I love their quality and customer service. We use their spring/fall coat on our greyhounds and the straps go over the chest, not the stomach. Nowhere near their junk.

If even wide, forward straps are out, I definitely recommend the Etsy path! For example, this pattern is made with buttons and would be very warm. The link is expensive because the material is merino wool, but it's a very common pattern so other sellers do it in acrylic and other materials. These fleece jammies are so cute and seem almost perfect (I searched for "whippet coat" although there are a few rat terrier patterns as well).
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Best answer: I have a chihuahua that is likely part italian greyhound. He has a coat from True Fit Dog Coats and a variety of sweaters. I know you're anti-coat-w-straps, BUT, take a look around their site. I bought a coat from there in 2007 and it's still going strong. They have specialty coats for italian greyhounds (and other breeds). In addition, when I ordered, I wasn't sure what size to get and the woman who owns(?) the company was very helpful -- she asked me for a variety of measurements and several pictures and helped me order the right size. On that note, pictures of the pup in question may be helpful in answering this query.

For my dog, I get sweaters in a size smaller than would be recommended for his length - his butt is exposed, but it keeps the tummy part from getting pee-soaked. I also knitted a snood (from this book), and add that on particularly cold days, or if he's being a jerk about putting on his sweater.

Another random one, which we received as a gag gift but used until he outgrew it, is the dog snuggie (the straps are on the top, which I found to be much more workable).
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Best answer: I agree that you should get something custom made. Dogs have such variation in size that it's very hard to find something off the shelf for many dogs.

My dog has a raincoat and corduroy coat from PBJ World on Etsy and I'm very pleased with them. They fit my dog like a charm. You could send a picture of your dog and ask for specific sizing so that it doesn't hit his junk.
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Best answer: If you like the Etsy/custom made route but want something quick while you wait, you could try the baby clothes section at a thrift store or Wal-mart.

My dog gets pretty cold too, has a deep chest, and also hates straps, so I just buy her baby/toddler sweaters and jackets (here in the obligatory pic modeling a hoodie/vest combo). Since the clothes are sized by weight it's usually pretty easy to find something that can fit, they're super cheap (so when she runs through muddy ice I don't care), and the buttons/zippers are a way to get by the strap problem.
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Looks like you've got some great suggestions here, but I wanted to chime in and note that I make sweaters for my rat terrier by buying cheap sweaters with ribbed cuffs at the thrift store and using sleeves. I just cut the sleeve off, trim to fit around the belly, and cut two tiny holes for his front legs. They're practically disposable because they're so cheap, and you get two per sweater if you mess up on the proportions.
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Search for jackets made for greyhounds, whippets and other sight hounds. They have similar deep chests and tiny waists, so you should find something that works. Almost all of these I've seen online ask for your dog's measurements so they can make it custom for you. I've got fleecy jackets with a chest strap from Whippet Wear but have seen many similar styles online.
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