Live action Bert & Ernie melodrama short?
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Does anybody recall a short video that circulated around a few years ago involving a live-action Bert & Ernie, living in a condo, with melodrama (and chuckles) in copious amounts?

I have some strange recollection that one or the other meets with an early death, but I might have been projecting. Also, I can't believe I'm burning an askmefi question on this, but my Google-fu has been seriously failing.
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While I couldn't say which episode, there was a Bert & Ernie spoof in Family Guy. Is this what you're thinking of?
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I only saw the vid as a standalone, something linked off of Fark or something similar (except I'm not finding anything there). It could have been from something else, but it was definitely live action (actors in costume). It all seemed to be shot in a living or dining room, but I only saw it a couple of times. I want to say this was around 2002.
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It was called "Ernest & Bertram." It played at Sundance a few years ago, but then Sesame Workshop sent a cease & desist. You may be able to find it out there somewhere.

A few links: news article at Guardian Unlimited, iMDb info
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