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I am trying to find a silly meme-esque video:

It was being linked around various places back when I was in college (so around 2001, give or take). In it, a young man is awoken by a call on his phone, after which someone calling from the outside tells him (something like) "I am the cellphone genius. Now I will play for you." They then play a little ditty on the phone keys. The sleepy dude goes from shocked and annoyed to appreciative of the sound, and then the video ends with one of those now traditional abrupt shouting of insults and/or nonsense.

I've tried searching variations on "cell phone genius," "cell phone maestro," etc., as well as poking around old sites I used to frequent, but nothing. Does anyone else remember this? Did I dream it?
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That's it!!!

Except the one I saw was live-action, but definitely the same audio. Thank you! That was driving me right up the wall for like three days now.
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