Where can I see "The Swirl" gross out video?
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Where can I find the video all these people are watching? It's supposedly called "The Swirl."

"The Swirl" is supposedly a gross video similar to the extreme "2 girls 1 cup" video that's been going around lately, and there are a whole bunch of "reaction" videos on YouTube including this one. I've Googled for many variations of "swirl" and gross video but am still unable to find the original video.

A blog was set up at Blogspot (swirlreactions.blogspot.com) with reactions to the video but that site no longer exists and I can't find it in Google cache or Archive.org to see if it had a link to the original. Any ideas on finding this video to watch?

P.S. Don't bother Googling for the other video I mentioned if you're at work or want to eat sometime in the next year.
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I believe it's this video art by Ma Yongfeng, a Chinese-American artist.

Text of a newspaper article about the exhibit in which it traveled.

I haven't found a copy online. (The first link contains a still.)
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Uh, no, it's right here. You can watch first or read about it first.

It's SFW, actually.

And the artist is still Chinese.
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It's 15 minutes long (for obvious reasons) and I find it repetitive. Interesting that the two interpretations (2nd and 3rd links) are almost entirely mutually exclusive.
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On re-examination -- watching one of the unedited reaction videos on YouTube -- there must be something closer to your "other", wackybrit.

Anybody wanna make a post in the blue about my find, though, you're welcome.
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Response by poster: That's a pretty interesting video! It makes a great point, although the artist is a cruel bastard ;-). But yeah, I don't think it's enough to make the average Internet user gag. If someone compared the one I'm looking for to the 2 girls video, it probably contains scat or some other form of extreme sexual content.
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I doubt it's the fish video. Based on those people's reactions, I'd say the video in question is undoubtedly piss/puke/scat in nature.
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Oh, I don't think so either. I watched a good five minutes of the fish, to see if it got ... disturbing in a visceral way rather than merely intellectual way. It didn't.

The "more from this user" link lets you see raw footage of people watching "The Swirl" and there are actually video sounds that come through as well as the viewer comments.

I found this forum comment:

The page could not be displayed, but it couldnt be as gross as the video entitled "the swirl" on no.com. That is so unbelievably disturbing, if you want to see it, go to no.com

WARNING: very explicit and just wrong :/

But no.com is just cybersquatted with a search engine. (Seems unlikely for a 2-letter dot-com, but true.) The forum post was just a few days ago. Maybe join the forum and contact the guy through pm?

I'm guessing this is circulating through mobile phones or social networks. It isn't on any blogs that I can find.
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Oh, and happily for my fellow human beans, I don't think they're grossed out by miscegenation, either.
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Response by poster: Nice work 23skidoo, that has to be it, thanks. Totally horrible as expected, although not as bad as the other one I mentioned, although perhaps you get desensitized..
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