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VOiP-phones-for-Macs-filter: Please tell me which USB VOiP phones you're using or have tried with your Mac, as the one I have is trash.

So after some research on Amazon, newegg, CNET, it would seem that there is very out there that is Mac compatible. Are all you mac users just using those headsets thingies, or am I missing something? I'm primarily interested in Skype-compatible, USB cordless models, though other suggestions are welcome.
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Corded wise I can recommend the ipevo free.1 which works completely with Skype.For cordless I'd choose a standalone option that requires no Mac or PC like the edge core-skype WiFi phone or use a bluetooth headset and auto answer set on you Mac software client (though I doubt you want a pseudo headset option).
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ive also used the ipevo free 1 with my macbook.. it can work as a dumb handset without any additional drivers (just plug into the USB port and go), but if you want to use the keypad on it you nee to download the drivers from the company's website.. i don't do this b/c a) its just as easy to directly dial from skype, and b) the driver is poorly designed and sits in your dock rather than just simply working in the background.

if the driver issue doesn't bother you, i recommend the phone without reservation.
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I have a PowerBook G4 and use this Keyspan cordless USB phone:

You plug the dongle into a USB port and the phone is cordless. It works great and wasn't too expensive.
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