Something awesome for someone in Chicago
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A friend of mine is doing something awesome for me (artistic-wise), but doesn't want to ask/take my money for this. So I want to give him (and/or his family) something awesome in payment. A few things about them inside.

My friend lives in Chicago and has a wife and two kids (elementary and preschool aged). They are definitely very geeky oriented (lots of books, superheroes, video games, etc), and he is an artist as well, but I think it would be awesome if I could get them something they could go do in Chicago, either him by himself, as a couple with his wife, or as a family. Something in the $100 or less range would be fantastic. Chicagoland people can you help me out?
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Penguin encounter for the two kids.

A gift certificate to an independent bookstore. Let them go nuts! Are they in Chicago proper?
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Also, a membership is nice for someone with kids because they can go just for a little bit without feeling guilty about wasting the admissions fees. Maybe one of the museums (Art Institute; Shedd Aquarium; Science and Industry or the Botanic Garden up north.)
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I was also going to recommend a membership, but at the Field Museum. It looks like family memberships are $120.
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This isn't a Chicago-specific recommendation, but I always send some Cookies con Amore whenever I want to give someone an awesome thanks. Traditional Italian cookies, baked to order, that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

People who get these from me are very, very appreciative. I brought some to Thanksgiving and they were the hit of the meal. None left at the end of the evening. They outperformed the pumpkin pie!

Cookies con Amore also bakes a gluten-free cookie line that practically brought some gluten-free friends to tears.

I got an email overnight: they are having Holiday promotion. 20% off orders through Monday. Promo code is BUENNATALE.
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I suspect the code for the cookies may be BUONNATALE, with an O? That would be Italian for "Merry Christmas."
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Tickets to LegoLand? Although, it's out in Schaumburg, not Chicago proper.
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That LegoLand in Schaumburg is a "LegoLand Discovery Center". And it's not really worth the price of admission.

A good Children's Museum like the CCM at Navy Pier or the Kohl in Glenview are a better value for the money.
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Disclaimer: I work at Adler Planetarium. Having said that, we are an awesome place for families, especially ones w/ a geeky bent-- the basic membership is $129 and we have a lot of stuff for both kids and adults.
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