What were the most prescient criticisms of "shock therapy" in Russia?
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Which articles, written before and as "shock therapy" economic liberalization policies were being implemented in Russia, have best been borne out over time?

I'm interested in the frameworks and models used, and how people arrived at a more reasonable understanding than the then-ascendant view. Any level of sophistication will do; ideal is probably NYT op-ed level.
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This article seems relevant. One of the critics were Joseph Stiglitz from the World Bank. He also wrote this book in 2001 about "shock therapy" economics.
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> This article seems relevant.

Not really, since it's retrospective: "the key architects of the reform in the three countries reflect on pros and cons of shock therapy and compare the results." The poster presumably wants material from the early '90s; I'm reading about that period now, and if I come across a prescient piece from that time I'll post it here.
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OK, here's a good example: Gennady Osipov published an article in 1992 called "Mify ukhodyashchego vremeni" [Myths of the passing era] in which he wrote "Year 1991 will enter history as the year during which the socioeconomic crisis of the Soviet society turned into a national catastrophe."
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