1999 alternative to the 1994 Prestige Proof Set
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The state quarter sets are pretty cheap and boring, so is there something I'm not seeing that could provide a nice substitute?

For my nephew's 16th birthday I gave him a 1994 Prestige Proof Set, which was cool because he likes sports and it included a commemorative World Cup silver dollar. His sister is going to be 16 next year and I'd like to get her something similar, but seeing as how the whole proof set thing changed in the late 90s, not to mention my relatively non-numismatic knowledge, I can't find anything that's nearly as neat.

I'm looking at American Eagles for their 21st's, so I guess anything but that can be in play.
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1999 was the last year of the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, and it was not included in the standard proof set. The proof was sold separately, in a case.
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What's your budget here? If you want to give a gift of approximately the same value, the 1994 Prestige Proof set is about $45 on eBay. There were three commemorative issues in 1999, Dolley Madison and Yellowstone silver dollars (~$35 and ~$50 respectively) and a George Washington gold $5 (~$450). The 1999 Susan B. Anthony Proof is ~$20, and the clad 1999 Proof set with 9 coins (penny, nickel, dime, half, and five quarters) is ~$12.
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Response by poster: I bought the 1994 at a coin shop, so it was, hm can't find my receipt. $50-60. But yeah, around the same price, which by my research means gold/platinum is out since I'm not really interested in the fractional coins, but due to inflation I guess under around $100.
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In 1999 Belgium, Finland, France, and the Netherlands issued the first Euro proof sets, but I don't know too much about world coins. There might be some coins from outside the US with themes interesting to her, but I couldn't help with that.
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