Outside the circle of fire.
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I'm a field recordist and a solitude-lover. I'd like to camp in the most sound-rich environment possible for New Year's. I'm in Southern California. Suggestions?

After a tumultuous year, I'm going to spend NYE tent-camping in quiet reflection. Since I'm also a field recordist, I'd like to essentially make it a busman's holiday and set out my stereo field mics after dark to capture the nocturnal chorus. A friend suggested Yosemite, and I was considering one of the Channel Islands, but I'd like other thoughts on where to go within 2-6 hours' drive of Los Angeles. The more wildlife, the better. Thanks!
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Never a dull moment at the Mountain of Gold. I slept under the stars at one of the 'environmental' hike-in campsites (#ev4 I think) after watching the sun set the ocean on fire.
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I'm partial to the Cucamonga Wilderness. Mostly because I've been so many time and hiked nearly every trail. It's mountainous, the peaks are super high, and I've never really seen a lot of traffic there.

Its a bit under 50 miles outside of LA. So super close by.

The 'other side' of Catalina Island is also amazing. Through the Catalina Island Marine Institute I was able to camp there for a bit and it was stunning.
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