Blog reviewing games of chess in fiction?
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I'm sure I remember reading some entries from a blog that pithily reviewed games of chess from fiction (novels, TV shows, movies) for plausibility and quality, but I'm coming up with nothing when I google for it.

Specifically I remember the chess game at the end of the first Harry Potter book being held up as a rare example of a well-researched and portrayed game - I remember most of the games reviewed being impossible or implausible in some way, and a few even having the board the wrong way around.

It might have just been games from movies or TV, I suppose - I've been looking for all fiction, but I guess Harry Potter counts as a movie as well, and thinking about it there's not really all that much description of the game in the book. Does anyone know the thing I'm talking about?
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There this Imgur gallery of chess games from movies?
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I think that might be it! And it'd explain why I wasn't having any luck turning up a blog. Thanks!
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Someone should start such a blog; it's a terrific idea.
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