Mid century modern dish identification
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Tineye has failed me!!! Help me identify the maker of this dish.

I would love to replace my boring dishware and this is just atomic fabulous!
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Maybe you could ask the seller to post a photo of the maker's mark on the bottom of the plate and trace it that way.
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Response by poster: Seller already said there are no marks.
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You can ask at Replacements.com. They've researched a similar question for me and -- at least a few years ago -- it was free.
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It's hard to tell in these photos, but the shape of the plate looks like Marcrest to me -- they made a lot of mid-century patterns like this one, and they had a distinctive plate edge.

Unfortunately, I don't see this particular pattern, but they made a lot of similar patterns with that same basic plate shape as you can see on their page at Replacements. Marcrest usually had marks but not always, so that's not a distinguishing factor.

Also, if you can't track this one down, you might like patterns from other US makers from that vintage -- for brown/retro patterns on a white ground and with patterning on the edge only, I like Royal China's Santa Fe and Navajo, or Marcrest's Nordic Mint.
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Wow, looking at that image was all kinds of deja vu for me. I was a kid mid-century, and the name that leapt to mind unbidden was Melmac.

I'm not seeing your pattern here, but, still...
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FWIW when I couldn't ID my plate and couldn't find it on replacements.com, I sent in a bunch of pictures and got the correct name in 2 days.
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Response by poster: I cannot believe I have stumped MeFi twice this year.

I just received this notice from Replacements.com:
Unfortunately, we could not identify your pattern. We appreciate your interest and hope to serve you in the future.

Damnit, hive mind!
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