Red or orange hardcover darkly funny book about mental illness
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I saw a book on a "featured" table last winter in a bookstore, which enchanted me, but I don't remember any of the key features that would allow me to buy it; namely author or title. I remember that it was red or orange, hardcover, consisted (mostly) of illustrations, was darkly funny, was written by a British man (?) and contained cartoony scenarios ruminating on anxiety or depression. Any idea what the book was? I assume that it was a new publication around the end of 2013. I think the title had the word "Brain" in it.

I have browsed Amazon and Worldcat by subject and keyword already. Out of ideas!
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was it Hyperbole and a Half?
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Response by poster: No -- definitely not Hyperbole and a Half. It is not by Allie Brosh, the Oatmeal guy, Jenny Lawson, or anyone famous or Internet-famous (as far as I know.) It's also not All my Friends are Dead.
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I don't think this is right, but based on the topics you might be interested in Marbles.

I also found The Anxious and The Depressed, but it doesn't appear very popular so I'm not sure it would be featured.

Again, not quite right, but this guy is amazing and fits the profile of what you are describing.
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The Rosie Project? By Graeme Simsion. There was one edition that was red cover with a dark illustration. It was an Australian man (at least one character was) and he's a bit of a fruitcake when it comes to love...lots of ruminating.
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This fits almost none of your criteria except that "Jules Feiffer" always sounded like the most British name in the world to me (even though he's from New York) - it wasn't Backing into Forward, was it?
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Darryl Cunningham, Psychiatric Tales?
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I Had A Black Dog?
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Far from the Tree by Andrew Solomon?
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Hmmm...maybe you could narrow it down for us a little.

Do you remember the size/scale of the book? For example, was it exactly the size and shape of a "normal" hardcover fiction book, or was it a slim/small volume more like a novelty or gift book?

When you flipped through it, it sounds like you saw mostly illustrations; were they in color or black and white?

Can you remember if the cover had a matching illustration on it, or was it completely different from the insides?
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Response by poster: It might have been slim, but not small like an "impulse buy" type book. It was mostly illustrations, and they were either mostly or entirely black and white.

Pretty sure the cover had a matching illustration.
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Best answer: David Shrigley, "How are You Feeling?"
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Response by poster: YASSSSSSS! Thank you! Zutalors for the eponysterical win!
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Gosh, I was going to suggest The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon but it looks as if you already have your answer. Oh well!
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