Unusual wall calendars of 2015
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Lay your weirdest calendars on me.

As nice as Georgia O'Keefe and Van Gogh are, I can't handle another Van Gogh calendar in my house ever. I am looking for a really strange calendar. Like a calendar of toast, or lemurs, or of the little white creatures from Princess Mononoke or just something strange and compelling or beautiful. Where can I find this? If I look for it consciously I never land on what I am looking for. Photographs are okay, art is okay.
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Response by poster: Slightly strange is also okay.
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There's a whole category for this. Highlights: Penguins Hate Stuff, Yoga Dogs, Pets Rock
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I like the Extraordinary Chickens calendar.
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If you want a weird calendar that you've never heard of before, you'll probably find it on Lulu.com.

I just ordered this lovely pysanky calendar, but there are less lovely ones to be had.

Last year I got one with magnified/microscopic petrified wood photos -- Here it is for 2015! Plants With a Past / Inside Fossil Wood.
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Oh, and one I found via Metafilter: Shark Cats.
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A couple years ago I got a "Water Towers of the Year" calendar from a friend who worked in construction; he had a whole selection of fantastically boring ones.
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Fisheye lens photos of puppy noses were more popular a few years ago, but you can still get calendars devoted to them.
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Bubble wrap: https://www.bubblecalendar.com/
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Hot priests of the Vatican
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How do you feel about naked ladies and cheese?

All proceeds go to support traditional french cheese making.
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This one's seasonal rather than monthly but so pretty: ECOlogical
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Best answer: I just found Social Justice Cats. Might be good?
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Some really fun previouslies.
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I like the Incredible Insects calendar.
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Not too weird, but beautiful and unusual (I think): Nikon Small World and Cell Picture Show.
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Best answer: How about a vintage calendar? Calendar patterns repeat, so you can use a calendar from any year that lines up properly with 2015 dates.
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Perhaps you would enjoy the Paul Hollywood 2015 calendar. No baking tips, no recipes… just 12 months of a self described fat Northern dad, staring directly at you with those pale, soulful eyes. Some might swoon.
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Goats in trees!
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Not sure if there's one for 2015 yet, but the Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints is pretty damn weird and great and so chock full of interesting info it's like reading a book.

Bonus: Every day is a holiday!
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I asked a similar question last year as noted by mochapickle and ended up with the Union County, NJ county clerk election calendar. It isn't particularly beautiful but it certainly is unusual (unless you live in Union County, New Jersey).
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I am vastly fond of Meg Lyman's Cute Cephalopod calendar, if you want something a little more silly.
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My 1939 farmhouse is not complete without a Ramon's Brownie Calendar. You can order one by mail if your local general store doesn't have one.
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The Paint Chip Calendar. A calendar of paint chips.
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The Photobomb-a-day desk calendar.
What's your poo telling you?
The Hawkwatch International calendar, which generated some controversy as to whether the front picture was cool or gross.
The North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition 2015 Gentleman and Ladies of Harm Reduction Calendar. Supports a great cause!
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Don't tell my coworkers, but I just bought the greatest guinea pig calendar on Etsy for our White Elephant party: https://www.etsy.com/listing/208944161/pig-calendar-2015
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I once gave a friend a calendar full of strangely picturesque outhouses.
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Stalker calendars, AKA Fire Prevention and Community Spirit calendars. They're sold as local fundraisers, and in the box for each day they list the birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and deaths of members of the community, combined with a handy fire prevention tip. Our community of 300 ish people has one every year, and all the neighbouring communities have their own. For Nov 30th we've got listed the names of 2 local people with birthdays today, and "Extinguish Campfires Completely" as our tip. Great fun and always helpful for stalking those neighbours who aren't on Facebook! I'd send you one if I had an extra one.
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I picked up Racks in a taxidermy store. The guy also makes "Fish N Chix."
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What you need is a flalendar.
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