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12 Months of Something
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What's the most unique niche (but still nice-looking) calendar you've seen for 2014?

We have a monthly calendar in our house. Last year we used Kate Beaton's, which was fun, but the year before it was 'Fish of North America' and I really liked looking at (and learning about) the fish of North America. I want 2014's to be more like that, but even more specific. So, something like 'Fish of North America As Prepared by Left-Handed Chefs.'

Not page-a-day and not 'jokey' things like nuns with guns, please. Would like to be able to order online, even better if it requires a donation to a good charity. Thanks!
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Roundabouts of the World - "The roundabout is truly an oasis on a sea of tarmac"
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I realize you're looking for a change from the Kate Beaton model, but just in case, Rich Burlew (artist of Order of the Stick; I figure stick-figure D&D art is fairly niche) has a calendar this year that looks quite nice and involves a $2 donation to typhoon relief as part of the purchase.
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A Collage A Day: Birds (limited run of 75)
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Nuns having fun?
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We had the 2012 version of the Extraordinary Chickens calendar, which was looked forward to by the entire household each month.

And oh my god, that page also has a link to the Goats in Trees calendar, which OF COURSE.
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Dan Meth's Pop Culture Charts Calendar.
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I like this circular calendar (there have been a few others that are very similar).
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There are neat things on etsy, particularly with illustrations. I have seen one with gems + minerals, but it sold out.
Check out this bird calendar. Or this one with nocturnal animals.

This is also neat, one with astronomical images.

Here are a few donation deals: wildlife, international stories (Heifer), animals (Anti-Vivisection Society), Greenpeace (via Amazon, ugh)
Keep in mind that most calendars that include a donation will be general interest and not niche.

(Haven't purchased any of those myself, so can't speak from experience. They all look interesting though.)
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Since you asked, I think the most specific one you'll find is Fast Disappearing Red Telephone Boxes of Wales 2014, a calendar so unique it made the news for not having sold a single copy. Brought to you by the publishers of Roundabouts of Britain, linked to upthread.

As a general rule, London-based stationery retailer Present & Correct do a nice line in unique stuff. They have an attractive file card calendar and an interesting calendar based on a Finnish newspaper column.
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The NYC maltese rescue group does a really nice calendar every year. So if you're into adorable Maltese dogs of all ages from the NYC metro area (and their associated stories), I highly recommend. Also, the money goes to fund more rescue efforts. And help some genuinely nice folks. (Disclaimer: I have adopted from them before).
posted by mochapickle at 10:03 AM on December 5, 2013

Black bear cubs of Shadow's clan is next year's calendar from North American Bear Center in Minnesota. It's not just a compilation of any old bear cub photos - Lynn Rogers and his bear researchers know all these wild bears from their long running research, and are able to interact with many of them in the woods without tranquilizers or traps. It is all based on trust, tasty treats, and respect for these timid and amazing animals.

Being at peace with the bears makes for good nature photography too, as you can see from Jim Stroner's amazing shots.
posted by Eco at 10:19 AM on December 5, 2013

I love black and white jazz history calendars like this one.
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If you like the idea of chickens (I love the extraordinary chickens calendar), you can also try City Chickens and their Coops calendar
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Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920's: 2014 Calendar (+ CD)
Year of the Night Sky
Almanac 2014 Gardening Calendar
The Elements 2014 Calendar
Farmers Market 2014 Wall Calendar
Lunar 2014 Wall Calendar
Certain Days - Freedom for Political Prisoners
posted by barnone at 11:01 AM on December 5, 2013

How about this crow calendar? (Disclaimer; I know one of the artists, but I'd like this even if I didn't.)
posted by ActionPopulated at 11:15 AM on December 5, 2013

Nikki McClure, all day.
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I don't think my original question was clear enough, sorry about that, but I'm looking for unusual niche interest calendars, so things like the Roundabouts and RUST are what I'm looking for. The various art/general nice photo calendars, while lovely, are not what I'm trying to find here. Thanks!
posted by troika at 12:12 PM on December 5, 2013

Do you consider Goats in Trees to be niche or jokey? Either way, it's a good one.
posted by soelo at 12:45 PM on December 5, 2013

I used to get good calendars by calling my local funeral parlor and asking for one. It was always VERY Catholic, with all sorts of saint's days marked on it. I've seen similarly niche ones from tool companies and farming supply stores.

I'm finding some good ones poking around on eBay. Do you like doughnuts? Railroads? Cream separators? Steve Jobs? Lawn-care companies?
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The phases of the moon calendar is pretty niche, though not a traditional spread-per-month calendar. And this North American Trout calendar sounds like the one you had, but there it is in case this one's somehow more specific. There's also one on the elements which features a different element for each month.

full disclosure: I work for the publisher that puts these out. Personally? my digs has the Nikki McClure linked to above.
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Here are some cars going through a crusher or something.

Here are the Toronto Raptors.

This 2014 calendar celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Trappist Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA. Each month features an image depicting an aspect of life at the monastery.
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Don't ask how I know this, but Union County, NJ's clerk puts out a calendar every year with its election related dates in it. Each year the calendar has a local interest theme. This year's was "State Legislators" and it did not disappoint, with a bunch of photos and historical details about... well, state legislators from Union County, NJ. It is hanging in our (decidedly not in NJ) office and it is just the best.

They haven't put up the request for 2014 calendars yet, but here's where it'll probably be. (I'm also breathlessly waiting for it and will let you know if I see the form go up!)
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Oh boy. I used to get so excited when STAT Medevac brought us their yearly calendars. If you like glossy action shots of black-and-gold helicopters (this is Pittsburgh, so of course) and their badass critical care transport teams zipping heroically around the region, well, this is the calendar for you.
Best bet for buying/getting one is probably via their facebook page.
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How about 12 months of cool specialty trucks made by Western Star?
posted by vespabelle at 9:44 PM on December 5, 2013

Ha, check this out from the blue
posted by janey47 at 1:13 PM on December 10, 2013

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