How do I go about finding a good private music composition teacher?
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I've been out of college for about 15 years, where I minored in music composition, but I wouldn't say it was a complete education, although I'm pretty good on basic theory, counterpoint, modulating, etc. In the meantime I've done a bit of film and video game music on the side, but I really want to have a rigorous education in modern composition.

My time isn't quite flexible enough to go back to school, so I think my only choice is finding a composer who will take me on as a student. But where do I look? Should I just contact the local university music school? I've found a couple online instructors, but they seem more like lesson factories, and I want something more local (Austin, TX) and personal.
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You could go to Santa Monica and see if you and Hans Zimmer take a shine to each other?

Or if you insist on staying in Austin, maybe this will help?
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Response by poster: I think I'll be staying in Austin. I should note that what I'm looking for is a conventionally trained composer who can teach, not just a working composer. The productionhub link is pretty useful in general, though, so thanks!
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UT Austin has a very good music composition program from what I hear. It's unlikely that any of the faculty would take on an independent student, but you could try and get in touch with someone there to see if there are any graduate students who would take you on as a student. In my experience, most composition grad students are eager for more teaching experience.
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Agreed on reaching out to nearby universities and asking for recommendations of grad students and/or private teachers. If you include a little info about your background and musical interests, you are more likely to get names of people who will get your personal style. Good luck!
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I agree with speicus. Find a UT Austin composition grad student with a compatible perspective on composition. Ask a prof to recommend their students to you.
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The productionhub link is pretty useful in general, though, so thanks!

I hope you find it useful. I know you're looking for a teacher - my suspicion is that there are at least a few working composers who wouldn't mind making a few extra $$$s tutoring.
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I've studied with Dave Connor for 2 years. he's definitely not a lesson factory, we used to spend an hour each week via skype video, going over stuff.

If you want rigorous, he's probably a good bet, I started out from near zero, spent time going over harmony, then counterpoint to the stage I had to write short fugues as part of my studies.

Then we moved on to orchestration but due to life issues I stopped. He's a working composer as well. From what I understand, he also works with people who are already composers such as yourself.
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Yup, I've had a few inquiries like this in the past where I teach and I've been more than happy to recommend a doctoral student, so I would absolutely contact the UT Austin comp faculty.
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