Sites that are similar to Fleshbot circa 2007 (NSFWish)
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Ye olde Fleshbot was really cool because it was well curated and included all types of sexy media including videos, links, industry news, pop culture, reviews. It even had options for both queer and straight focused content. The last few years I've found that it's really gone downhill and gotten pretty mainstream and generic.

As a queer female I'd love to find a replacement site or blog that includes a tastefully curated mix of queer/gay erotica, p0rn, images, pop culture. Bonus points for sites that include a fun mix of topics that's easy to search.

Looking for something with a bit of an alty bent as opposed to the generic mainstream blondes with big boobs.
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Perhaps Reddit? There are definitely subreddits for your interests if you dig around. Being reddit, the signal-to-noise ratio is all over the place...
posted by werkzeuger at 12:50 PM on November 26, 2014

Similar to the above answer (and with the same caveat), there are probably some blogs on Tumblr that could work.
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Have you taken a tour of the links at Indie Nudes?
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