Sources for quality lesbian erotica
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Where is all the lesbian/queer erotica that doesn't suck? (NSFW, naturally)

Gals, help a lady-loving lady out. I am seeking short-form lesbian/queer erotica that fits the following (admittedly rather particular) criteria:

- Smart. Genuinely well-written. Conforms to the basic writing principle of 'show, don't tell'.
- High smut-to-plot ratio. Writer establishes the characters and setting, then lets them get sexy with minimal non-sexy dialogue/dyke drama/coming-out angst/detailed descriptions of knitting/etc in the interim.
- Allows insight into at least one character's internal world. Makes room for vulnerability and uncertainty. More than just a third-person description of tab A going into slot B.
- Describes sex that is safe, sane and enthusiastically consensual for all parties (kink is fine but not required).
- Is written by queer women and portrays queer women's sex lives in a realistic (if unusually sex-tastic) way. No implausible rendezvous, genre fiction cliches, spontaneous locker-room scissoring sessions, etc.

I enjoyed much of Sugarbutch's early work, as well as their book Sweet and Rough. It's smart, brilliantly crafted, and sexy as fuck. I like the way they play with sexuality in a thoughtful, almost intellectual way, while still being incredibly smutty. But I'd like to branch out beyond their favoured genderqueer butch top/femme sub dynamic, and I'm a bit skeeved out by the 'daddy/boi' stories they've been writing more recently.

I checked out Best Lesbian Erotica 2014 but despite a few gems, there is just so much plot and angst and drama and so much telling-not-showing and honestly a lot of the stories read more like teenage fanfic than smutty smut for grown-ups. I can find romance and conflict in actual literature; when it comes to erotica I just want to read stories that get me off. Basically I want the written word version of Crashpad, where the plot is pretty much: "Hot queers meet to have sexy sex. It's super sexy in all kinds of ways, some of which might stretch your sexual horizons. Everyone involved has an awesome sexy time. The End".

So, um…where can I find erotica like that?
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Shousetsu Bang*Bang has been doing more or less what you're talking about for M/M for a while now...

...which is not useful to you, EXCEPT! Every year they do a special F/F-only issue, of which there are now ten, most (maybe all?) of which are illustrated.
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check out some of the earlier BLEs.i haven't read them in about a decade, but the stuff published in the early 2000s was more good than bad.

also check out 1 and 2 of on our back's best fiction.
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Seconding On Our Backs, but the stuff you want isn't in the collections, which kinda aspire to literariness. Go find back issues of the magazine itself -- the short, hot stuff I'm remembering was from the 1990s or maybe 1980s.
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On further consideration: the stuff I read was all pre-1990. And it's apparently all been open-source archived. Enjoy!
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Another possibility is the Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository
searching for "Lesbian"
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