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Where's all the awesome girl-on-girl erotica/porn?

I'm a bi lady who has committed to a wonderful man. However, I'd love to fulfill my ladylove fantasies by watching/reading porn. I think I'm mostly interested in erotica, but beautiful, classy (free?) video pornography would do great too. However:

- As far as erotica goes, I've definitely looked at some of the websites that have been recommended here over the years, and I haven't found any websites that DON'T make me wade through (in my opinion) terrible, awful stories involving pedophilia, rape, incest, etc. I really don't want to have to deal with that. Seriously. It is the last thing I want to see when I'm looking for something to turn me on. I know I don't have to read them, but many of those sites don't have "sections", and browsing means finding a title and then opening up that story. Blech.

- I don't like fake, fake women. Honestly, my favorite kinds of women are the natural ones. Especially no boob jobs (and small breasted is even better!), no crazy porn make up, etc. The best short porn clip I ever saw was two very natural but beautiful women progressing from kissing/caressing to oral to strap-on. I do like strap-ons. I am not a huge fan of softcore porn, where it's JUST the women caressing and kissing, mostly because what I've seen has been "show as little as possible and cover their sounds of pleasure with loud music". The sounds of pleasure really make it better! I've frequented (NSFW, obvs), and I'd be willing to buy a movie if several people recommend. I'm overall pretty vanilla as far as the kind of sex is concerned (I don't think strap-ons are that crazy, are they?). Not a huge anal fan, but I'd deal with it as long as there's other stuff going on. Spanking is OK as long as it's playful. Get the idea?

I have seen this question, but I am most certainly looking for proper porn. Thanks in advance!
posted by anonymous to Media & Arts (15 answers total) 45 users marked this as a favorite is a subscription site, but has a bunch of videos you might be interested in. Girls are natural, come in all shapes and sizes, and seem to genuinely just be having fun.
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It kind of sounds like-- and yeah, they're pay-- you want some of the eps of the Crash Pad series, and pics and video from Cocksexual.
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Here is an Abby Winters free site with what I think you want.
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ViVThomas, Girlfriends Films, and Sweetheart Video may be what you're looking for. Viewable on XVideos or XHamster.
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Here are a few sites. For the OP, I linked to the lesbian stories. These are quick, get to it stories, not a lot of plot development but they're entertaining.

Good Vibrations (San Francisco's woman-friendly sex store) is more high brow but does not categorize its erotica.
posted by shoesietart at 8:53 PM on January 30, 2011 [1 favorite] might be worth exploring. Seems to be a collection of videos from all over the place, with lots of categories.
posted by drhydro at 9:23 PM on January 30, 2011 is an erotica site with a lesbian section, and while it definitely has a lot of the stuff you're not looking for, it also has it's collection well-categorized so you can stick to the stuff you like.
posted by brightghost at 9:41 PM on January 30, 2011 is in the vein of Abby Winters and is also very good.
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Seconding Crash Pad! I'm also a bi lady with what sounds like very similar preferences to you.
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Sapphic Erotica
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Babeland (women-owned)endorses Passionate VOD.
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Someone else asking a similar question was recommended sex is not the enemy on here, and I'll second it. There's a a little too much Abby Winters-style "wholesome girl next door" aka "this is actually a risque ad for nutritious breakfast cereal!" stuff there (I can't stand Girls Out West either), but it's both hot and charming, with interspersed sex-positive, body-positive quotes (which are either great, or a distraction).

For the more risque but equally thoughtful (and text-only), I'd try Sugarbutch. Some D/s, but not too much, and there's always a warning at the beginning in case you'd prefer to avoid.
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I asked for erotica a couple months ago, and got a few answers.
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nthing Abby Winters
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Not the Original Poster but thank you all for the suggestions!
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