Looking for short videos that are intrinsically about creativity
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I'm looking to compile a collection of short, entertaining, inspiring, high-energy videos about creativity, the creative process, and innovation by their very nature. Classic showing, not telling.

Eepybird's Post-It experiment is a perfect example. It's under 8 minutes, highly entertaining, but reflects the iterative, collaborative, and incremental nature of creating something brand new. The videos would be played for large groups in a workplace setting at the start of ideation and/or problem-solving sessions, so should be mostly SFW, but it's OK if they get a little weird or include a little mild profanity.
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I come back to this thing, from Ira Glass, a lot.
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The Pachobel Rant is the first thing I thought of. Audio, rather than visua, though.
The Motherhood Rap is another one.
I'm sure I found these via MeFi but I'm not sure who posted them.
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Saul Bass: Why Man Creates (part 1, part 2)
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I have the perfect subreddit for you: ArtisanVideos.
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James Murphy on failure
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The Art of Creative Coding, maybe?
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