Help me find a bag big enough for all my tricks?
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I'm having no luck trying to find a bag with a large bottom. Can you suggest a bag for me?

I need a new bag for work. I have a version of this bag from a few years ago and it's been the perfect bag. But it's wearing out and I need a new one. I actually bought the linked bag but it's smaller than my old one and is no useful for my everyday work bag. I need a bag that is 9" wide across the bottom so that it fits my awesome lunch box I have searched high and low and can't find anything. Do you have a suggestion for a bag or where to look? I don't want to spend more than $150 and would prefer to keep it under $100. I live in Vancouver BC, but don't mind purchasing online.
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How's that? If not, then what would make it your perfect bag?
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Or how about these:

They are all large sizes(9"+ at the bottom, about 18L), and most of them are marketed as "gym bags", like your last one. And they are all really reasonable and well within your budget (under budget!!).

Hope you find your perfect bag.
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These are all great bags but I need 9" wide at the bottom. They are all longer than 9" but they range from 5" to 6.7"at the base. It's in the width of the base that I can't find 9". I haven't looked at so I'll have a look through there and see if I can find one. Thanks!
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Maybe a Fossil Keyper Tote? I don't have the tote, but love both my keyper bags in other styles.
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I'd take a look at Kinies if I were you. Several of their bags are quite large at the bottom, and they're well under $100. I've found them to be reasonably sturdy, although they're squarely on the casual side of things.
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If you think about it, your bento box is the size of a small (but thick) laptop. So maybe look for laptop/ tote bags? Ebags has a few options that are at least 9 inches wide across. (Their search function also works well). For instance, the search for "extra large" hobos.
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The L.L. Bean Boat and Tote in Extra Large is 17"H x 19"W x 10"D. It looks ginormous but your other bag looks pretty big, too. You can also get one with a zippered top. These hold up great -- I've used a medium-sized one as my daily schlepping bag for about four years now, and it's still in good condition.
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