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Please recommend to me some awesome newish power pop artists/songs!

If there is one music genre that really gets my blood flowing, it's the one generally labelled as "power pop." I'm looking for power pop music from the last 10 years or so to sate this appetite.

Assume I'm already familiar with old power pop acts, like Big Star, Jellyfish, Cheap Trick, and etc. Music in the vein of Fountains of Wayne, Matthew Sweet, and Brendan Benson especially appreciated.

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the Exploding Hearts remain critical obviously; I guess it's been eleven years now.

more of-the-moment (like, the last few months):
Rozwell Kid
maybe Roll the Tanks (better than their name, pretty sure)

also notable-to-me recent rereleases: The Shivvers, the troubled Yellow Pills: Prefill/its Numero successors.
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A while ago I asked for music like "Brill Bruisers" by The New Pornographers, and I got recommendations for Matthew Sweet and Brendan Benson. So...The New Pornographers? My favourite songs of theirs at the moment are Brill Bruisers, Moves, Sweet Talk Sweet Talk and A Bite Out of My Bed.
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We Were Promised Jetpacks, and Valley Lodge often come up in this conversation.
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Watershed is one of the most under appreciated power pop acts ever.
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MORE (some of this is probably more like "indie-pop" so caveat emptor)
The Anniversary
Rogue Wave
Cheap Time
the Vaccines

Devin Davis
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Maybe more glam than power pop (and incredibly derivative, at that), but I've been enjoying Foxygen.
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Muse? Madness sounds like power pop or maybe lyrical rock.
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Parquet Courts?
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You might very much like The Cry!.
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Oh jeez I almost forgot The Safes. They're fantastic.
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Pretty much nobody else will ever recommend these bands to you (friends' band, bargain bin find from the 90's), but you said you want power pop and these are SO that, so:

The Actual
When the Dishes Decide to Break
Hospitality Girl

30 Amp Fuse
(YT top tracks)
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2nding The New Pornographers
and adding
Zumpano and Carl Newman's solo albums.
I cannot resist recommending Destroyer too just for fun, but it is not power pop.
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While harbouring some definite power pop tendencies himself, David Mead's side project (with Butterfly Boucher!) Elle Macho is a giddy romp.
This is Not a Love Song
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Mentioned above, but the podcast Song Exploder recently did an episode on the Valley Lodge song "Go" (best known as the theme from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver).
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I've had a lot of fun following this gigantic (and ever evolving) Spotify playlist: 5000+ Badass Powerpop Songs.
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You'd probably also like the new Ex Hex album, Rips.
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I submit that The Primatons are the best power pop band you've never heard before. (Spotify playlist)

Here's the single "All My Friends" on YouTube. If this is not instantly in your power pop top twenty, then I dunno, man. I just dunno.

They were a great and tragically overlooked band.
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We've got that 5000+ Badass Power Pop Songs playlist on the office Spotify server today. 3 hours without a complaint about the music may be a record here!
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The Brother Kite
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An old band, but one you may not have heard.
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Given the bands you listed in your post (definitively power pop groups), I think you'd like these (and you probably already know a bunch of them):

Badfinger, Best Kissers In The World, Butch Walker/The Marvelous 3, Enuff Z'Nuff, Hoodoo Gurus, Jason Falkner, Marshal Crenshaw, Micro Mini/Army Navy, Mike Viola/The Candy Butchers, Myracle Brah, Nick Lowe, Redd Kross, Linus of Hollywood, Sloan, Split Enz, Super Deluxe, Superdrag, Teenage Fanclub, The Beat/The Paul Collins Beat*/The Breakaways/The Nerves, The Figgs, The Jam, The Mayflies USA, The Plimsouls/Peter Case, The Posies, The Raspberries, The Three O'Clock, The Wannadies, Tube Top, Sprites, 10cc, 20/20, The Bens/Ben Lee/Ben Kweller/Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five, Farrah, Foxy Shazam (glam), Manda & The Marbles, The Pleasure Kills, McFly, The Andersons, The Click Five, The Merrymakers, The Pranks, Travoltas, Visqueen, The Cute Lepers

The Exploding Hearts are definitely seconded.

I'd suggest The Paul Collins Beat (and associated acts) to start. Pure, pure power pop.
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