Capturing WebTV
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I am failing to find a free program that lets me capture the video/audio from a web tv stream (WMP).

I've found several programs when googling this, but none that specifically does what I need which is to capture both the video and the audio in realtime then save it to a video file (avi, mov, whatnot). I'm thinking a screenshot-type-thing only for a streaming file... Does this program exist?
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Here is a list of Windows-based (assuming you're talking about Windows and not WMP under Mac OS X) software for "ripping" video and audio streams from one format and saving to another.
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Yes i saw this but as far as I can see all of these requires one to enter the address of the stream. I need a program that "rips" the playing video file. And I am on WinXP, yes.
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Be wary—a lot of streaming media sites are not keen on the use of streamrippers. Your IP may be banned. I'm not telling you not to do it—just be aware of the possible consequences.
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WM Recorder has the ability to detect when streaming video is being played in your web browser, snag the proper URL, then download the stream to your hard drive. It's k-rad.
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The Chinese Souxin site is a virtually canonical collection of streaming media recorders, downloaders, and transcoders.

Be aware that many streamers go to some lengths to cloak the source of the packets, so sometimes you have to resort of packet sniffing to snag the exact URL. WinPCap is your friend.
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Camtasia Studio will basically record any window on your desktop. ive used it to record streaming video before, so i know it works.

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Both the flagged apps seem to be pay software, not free. Or am I missing something?
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You're right, I flagged too fast. I'll try the ones on the Souxin site, thanks.
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