Entire Congress transcript of Clinton impeachment?
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Where can I find a complete transcript, preferably in a single PDF file (or at the most 4 or 5) of the House and Senate deliberations, debates and votes over Bill Clinton's impeachment?

Of course, it would be a large file. Believe it or not, I've taken a random interest in this and I just want to be able to sit in front of a single PDF and read carefully for days, not clicking a single link or typing a single page number in the process.

I've tried GPO and THOMAS; no luck, although the GPO does output single pages of the Record, which are just frustrating. You have to type a single page number to trigger the PDF output, and you can't specify a range, which sucks.

I've googled around the web and MeFi and AskMeFi. Apologies if I've missed anything!
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As found via Google:

Government Documents in the News: Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton

Scroll to the end of the page to get to House and Senate records in one form or another. So far as I've looked, each PDF is "whole".
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For this kind of wish list item, a site like this can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat's web capture function. Start with Rothko's link and then choose links from there as desired. "Add all links on page" is a wonderful tool. When you're done, you have the pages you want, all in one PDF file. A bonus: the file's links are always live, so you can add more pages whenever you want.
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Response by poster: Thanks Rothko and megatherium. Combined, your suggestions might just do it!
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