I need a 24" wide combo oven/microwave.
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I need a 24" wide combo oven / microwave (stacked).

I've got a 24"w x 47"h space (as deep as it needs to be, can also be made a bit taller) in which to put a combo microwave and oven. I've seen them before, but can't find anyone who makes one now. GE has a double oven, but it doesn't seem to include a microwave. Any ideas?
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I thought the usual thing was to install a microwave over the over instead of a range hood. I take it that that isn't possible?
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Yeah, the 24" wide combo units are nowhere to be seen. Looks like a single wall oven with a separate built-in microwave might be your only hope, Caviar.
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Sorry - I wasn't clear. I'm looking for a built-in wall unit, one piece. Not a free-standing separate microwave and oven.
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Hmmm... even those separate built-in microwaves seem to all be 25-26".
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Being a New Zealander, I happen to have a bit of a thing for Fisher & Paykel, and in this instance it looks like they might have what you want: Essence - BI602XC.

I think the metric converts about right (600mm is about 23.6"). There are installation instructions (PDF), and a guide to the sizes of their built-in ovens. (PDF)
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Why does it need to be one piece? Seriously asking... Note photo here.

I just completed an installation with a microwave over and oven, with the microwave in a cabinet. This allowed me to choose exactly the oven we wanted and the exact microwave we wanted -- we also did not wish to see the microwave. (It's behind the doors above the oven.) Pardon the self link and, more importantly, the unfinished work.
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