What are the best, high-quality sites about Android?
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What are the best news/opinions about Android in terms of quality of writing and analysis? I'm after sites that post relatively infrequently, but tend to produce high quality stuff when they do post: the Android equivalent of sites like MacStories, Daring Fireball, and Six Colors. (I know far more about iOS than I do Android, but should really know about both.)
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Best answer: Android Police really only meets half of your requirements, but I'm not sure there's a better alternative. They probably post about 15-20 articles per day, and some are fluff, but they also do lengthy reviews, APK teardowns, and editorials with some regularity.
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Best answer: You could follow the "Android" tag at The Verge.
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I second mmascolino -- when I'm looking for Android details The Verge ends up being the highest quality resource I find in my searches.
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Response by poster: Wow, I'm surprised by this – I thought there would be more. Thanks anyway, all!
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