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Can you help me set up IIS to test a site locally?

XP Pro, IIS 5.1. No network.
All seems set up ok to me, but, http://[computer name] and http://localhost/ just hang, with both IE and Firefox, although I can sucessfully ping them all.
Status bar says it's found the site, and I get an error page if I stop IIS while I'm waiting, but nothing loads. I've got the directory and default documents set up, and there's nothing wrong with the html page I'm using. I can view the htmls locally, but obviously not asp etc.
There's nothing in the IIS logs (and I've made sure all the logging options are on), so I guess it's not getting that far. There's also nothing in my firewall log.
If I set up IIS to redirect to an external page instead, it still hangs.
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You really should consider using Apache if possible. IIS 5.x is a real pain (6.x is somewhat better, but you can't install it on XP).

If you're using ASP.NET, you can use it with Apache via mod_aspdotnet.

Did you check the event log?
Are you sure you started the service?
Did you start the site via the IIS admin.?
Try running IISRESET.EXE from the command line
Try deleting the IIS metabase and reinstalling IIS. Related KB article
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Can you telnet to, port 80, and get a response? If not, then it's not picking up the phone like it should.

You say the system isn't networked -- do you still have TCP/IP running?

One last thing: In the MMC for IIS, make sure that, in the main properties page, that it's set to answer calls to either the local computer name or
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Response by poster: thanotopsis:
1. No. What do I do about it?
2. Yes
3. Where? I can'f see that setting...
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