I know, I know, but I'm stuck with IIS
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If you have successfully set up a multisite Drupal installation that meets these two criteria, I really want to pick your brain...

1) It's on IIS6.0
2) URLs for the additional sites are not for subdomains or different domains, but (apparent) subdirectories, e.g. www.example.com/secondsite.

Drupal's documentation indicates that it can be done easily on *nix (and the forums seem to bear this out), but symlinks seem to be the sticking point on WinIIS.

We have ISAPI_rewrite 3.0 and Winbolic installed, FYI.
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I've never set up Drupal, but I work with IIS (and NTFS symlinks for IIS directories) a lot. Winbolic creates shell shortcuts, if I recall correctly. Use junction instead.
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Response by poster: Thanks, m&mm. I suggested that to the server admin, and he declined to implement it, on the grounds that it can lead to an infinite recursion if you use the junction to redirect a subdirectory to its parent (in the case of, say, a backup or a search). However, asking him to do it spurred him to think about it a bit more, and the solution he came up with was to create virtual directories and point them back to the root folder. It works!
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