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I need an efficient and lost cost way to allow my clients to download audio files I have created. I do radio production. 1-4 MB files not unusual. Suggestions?
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Streamload? You can use your own account's bandwidth for your clients' downloads (you just send an email with the link).
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A basic hosting plan from a web hosting company could be useful for maintaining a simple FTP site, and provide you with enough bandwidth and a low enough initial setup to be worth it.

Many plans offer a few gigs of space, 40-80GB of bandwidth each month and anything else you need for around $10/month. (Disclosure: I own a web development company that offers hosting meeting these specs. Feel free to email me.)

Uploading to a basic FTP site is simple and provides a single, always-on location for your clients to access. Additionally, it'll let you password protect the directories as necessary, and offer you more flexibility for a low cost.
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posted by BigBrownBear at 2:20 AM on November 11, 2005 might work well for you, depending on how often you need to do this.
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