Looking for a "YouTube for Audio"
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I'm looking for the audio equivalent of YouTube. That is, where can I post and share radio interviews at no cost?

I'm working for a local political candidate who has recorded a lot of radio interviews, but the space on our web site is limited. Plus I want the material to be searchable and available to the general public.
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Best answer: Just post your audio interview on youtube with a static imageeo.
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Odeo.com might work for you.
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I agree with majortom1981 in that you will probably get a better audience with it on Youtube. There is plenty of audio-only stuff on the 'Tube. Another possibility is the Internet Archive.
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Response by poster: Thanks much for the super-fast response !

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I'll just say I really get annoyed when you find something good sounding on Youtube and then it's just audio with a picture. I think odeo.com is made for this, but I'm not sure.

I'm -nthing youtube.
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PRX.org seems to fit the bill perfectly.
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Create a blog over at WordPress.com. I'm not sure of the storage limitattions ,but as long as you're under 1Gb and you're not trying to host any objectional material on their servers you should do fine.

Also, there are numerous WordPress plugins that'll allow you to embed MP3s onto your pages. Integrate that with some good tags and their dedicated search-engine and you should be good to go.

(Of course, all of this is precluded by the necessity that you get involved with a little coding for WordPress, but it's a free service that would cost you as much as $6.00 if you sought to do it elsewhere, so I'd consider it a net win.)
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