Alternative to playing videos in VLC for audo volume correction
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Right now, if I find a video I really like on youtube with subpar volume, I have to download it and play it via VLC. Kind of ruins the playlist experience. Are there plugins or extensions that will do the same thing, ie increase the level of the audio output?
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Are you on windows, and have you tried changing the volume mixer for your browser (right click on the audio icon in the task bar). Not sure what the corresponding action would be on a Mac.
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Audio Hijack is the normal solution for mixing/re routing audio on a Mac. Free for what you need it to do.
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This changes a lot depending on your setup. Ultimately the solution I've ended up on is: buy a really comfortable pair of quality headphones. I had some success with Boom but it didn't want to play nice.
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Another option on Windows is to enable Loudness Equalization, which will tend to even out the volume of everything on your system.
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Response by poster: Yeah I'm on windows. I did the enable Loudness Equalization just now... we'll see how that goes. But in general, in VLC I can increase the volume as much as I want and it ends up significantly louder than any other way I try to play it. (There's a plugin for Divx player that will supposedly do the same...)
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Best answer: Potplayer allows one to directly play Youtube videos within it, no download required. It has fine audio control including amplification/EQ. You can drop a Youtube playlist link in its playlist window to queue all the videos.
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You can also stream videos without downloading in VLC.
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Response by poster: Oh man Potplayer is exactly what I didn't know I was looking for! WillRun4Fun I appreciate your answer too!
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