Cheap but clean hotel/hostel in Rome at the end of November?
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I'm visiting my brother, studying abroad in Rome, at the end of November. I was planning on staying with him, but he just told me that wouldn't be possible. So I'll need a hostel or cheap hotel. It'll be for nine days, so I'd really rather not break the bank. His apartment is in the Trestevere area, so hopefully I can stay around there. I'm not opposed to hostels or other "outside the box" ideas, as long as they're clean and relatively safe.

Sorry for the scant details, I'm in a rush right now. I'll provide more information if asked.
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This was decent. Not in the Trestavere, but it's about 3 blocks from the Termini train station, so it's close enough to the Metro.

It is dorm-style accomodation, but dealable.
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Try airbnb?
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Also near Termini, Dreaming Rome is one of my all-time favorite hostels (I've stayed at many!) It's small, dorm-style, and has a very homey feel. The facilities themselves are clean and safe (if a bit cramped, which is typical for Rome) but what stood out for me was what an incredible host the owner Fabio was. He really makes guests feel welcome and created a friendly environment where it was easy to meet other travelers.
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Best answer: I can't speak to how inexpensive it was since my event was footing the bill, but I stayed at the Hotel Cisterna in Trestavere and found it to be clean and comfortable, the proprietors were charming and thoughtful, and in all I loved it to little pieces. They did want you to leave your key at the front desk when you left and didn't check ID or anything in giving your key back so security shenanigans might be possible? But I didn't feel unsafe, and nothing untoward happened to all of the electronics and such I kept in my room. I don't know if this is Rome-standard-practice or not.
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I'd try AirBnB. I've spent a lot of time in Rome and while there are a ton of hotels and hostels near Termini which may fit your budget, it's a real pain to get to Trastevere from that area: the metro doesn't cross the river, or come close to Trastevere; your options are the 75 bus, which is a singular pain in the ass, or a bus to the H tram, or other options with a change or two involved - it's absolutely doable, for sure, but the worst part is trying to find your way home at night (and if you've missed the night busses - which is easy to do if you're having fun across the river! you'll find yourself having to walk about 2-3 miles, mostly uphill, and through Rome's winding and not-at-all-intuitively laid out streets). If you'll be spending significant time in Trastevere, you'll want to be closer to it than not. Trastevere itself is popular and can be a bit pricey - though I'm not sure if you'll find better options when traveling outside of the summer high season - you can also try Monteverde, which is just to the west of Trastevere and also very nice. I lived in Testaccio - east of the river - this summer, which is the old meatpacking area and still very un-touristy, blue collar, and less expensive than other areas of Rome - this is a truly up and coming neighborhood.

When I travel in Italy, I use AirBnb almost exclusively. A few tips, for using it, if you haven't before: be sure to read reviews carefully, and trend toward places with more reviews - you'll find a place that is better vetted is one you can more securely invest in. Look at the pictures carefully, trying to figure out the layout of the place and see if there are any problems they're trying to gloss over (a big giveaway: if there's no picture of the bathroom!). Check Google streetview to see what the neighborhood is like, and how close it is to transportation options, too - oh, and to that point, you can use ATAC Roma's trip planner to see what your options are for getting from a potential apartment to where your brother is living, for example (center of the page, under 'calcola il percorso') - this tool has saved me from staying in some spots that looked amazing for all other reasons but would have given me a 2 hour commute to where I was working.

Oh, one last thing - if you let AirBnB search for private rooms in a shared apartment, it will also search actual B&Bs that list with them, so you're not only looking for private apartments with their service.
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If you're up for the social element of it, I love couchsurfing so much. I've used it in other parts of Italy but not Rome. Met some fantastic people.
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Can you define your ideal budget range per night? It's easier to give you suggestions that way.
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This was years ago and I'd probably try Air BnB now, but I had a great experience at Il Covo. Looks like it'd be 45 (euros I guess) a night when you're going. It's not a hotel though, you'll be in a vacant (but furnished obviously) apartment, and you get free breakfast at a nearby cafe. I could see the Coliseum from my apartment while I was there.

More recently I recommended Il Covo to a friend and she also loved it.
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I stayed here. Right in the middle of Trastevere. Cross-pollinate has a few other cheapish places in the area.
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