How To find readings in the "How To" genre?
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I am teaching a First-Year Composition course and we're heading into a unit in which students will write a "how to" or process essay. I'm looking for recommendations for readings that might go along with this unit. What readings can you recommend -- either essays, articles, or short fiction -- that are "how to"/process essays, or that use this format?

Googling has mostly resulted in finding a slew of "how to write a college essay" blog posts, which is not what I'm looking for. I'm flexible in terms of topic, so long as it's classroom appropriate. Blog posts and such might be okay, but I'm hoping to find something well-written and meaty enough to have an in-class discussion about. (Or, if not a single piece, then perhaps an array of short, well-written instructional pieces that we can compare?)

I'm familiar with The Toast's "How To" articles, and they might work, though many seem pretty esoteric for my audience first-year college students. I mention them, though, because I'd like to have options that range from straight-up instructions on completing a process to things that are more creative/abstract.
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George Orwell, A Nice Cup of Tea
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Mason Williams (from the incredible Mason Williams Reading Matter), How to Derive the Maximum Enjoyment from Crackers
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How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
It is a classic business book. Well written and easy to read.
It is also available free online from lots of places, like here.
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Look for old military instruction manuals, like from WW2.
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How to Eat Like a Child.
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One of my favorite (humorous) examples of this sort of writing is "The Modified Stationary Panic", one of the pieces in Patrick F. McManus's A Fine and Pleasant Misery.
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There are a few short essays in The Chairs are Where the People Go that might work, and it's a fun read.
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I really liked Lorrie Moore's short-story collection Self Help (NY Times review) and it might be exactly what you want. My favorite is "How to Be an Other Woman" but there are number of others in there that would work, too.
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An unconventional how-to: How to Cook a Wolf by MFK Fisher. Each chapter is a different how-to related to living lean during wartime rationing.
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